Helm Cheat Sheet

Helm Cheat Sheet

Helm Install

# Install/upgrade a release with chart defaults
helm upgrade --install <release-name> <chart>

# Install/upgrade a release and 'wait' for a success/failure
helm upgrade --install <release-name> <chart>

# Install a helm release and rollback on failure
helm upgrade --install --atomic <release-name> <chart>

# Install/upgrade a release with a values file
helm upgrade --install --wait <release-name> <chart> -f <values-file>

# Uninstall a helm release
helm uninstall <release-name>

Helm Rollback

# Show release install history
helm history <release-name>

# Rollback a release to the last successful install and 'wait'
helm rollback --wait <release-name>

# Rollback to a specific version
helm rollback --wait <release-name> <revision-number>

Helm Repositories

# Add a helm repository to grab charts from
helm repo add <repo-name> <repo-url>

# Add the kubernetes stable charts
helm repo add stable https://kubernetes-charts.storage.googleapis.com

# Update repositories (similar to apt update)
helm repo update

# List all helm repositories
helm repo list

# Search for charts in your repositories
helm search repo <search-term>

# Search for charts in the helm hub
helm search hub <search-term>

Helm Troubleshooting and Inspecting Charts

# Show the kubernetes resources to be created for a release
helm template <release-name> <chart> -f <values-file>

# Show the existing kubernetes resources for a release
helm get manifest <release>

# Show the default values for a chart
helm show values <chart>

# Show the readme for a chart
helm show readme <chart>

# Pull down a chart locally to inspect it
helm pull --untar <chart>

Creating a Helm Chart

# Create the starting resources for a new chart
helm create <chart-name>

# Lint your chart
helm lint <chart-dir>

# Show the generated kubernetes resources
helm template <release-name> <chart-dir>

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