About Us

Swiss Army DevOps is a mechanism for learning for both you and me. For me – I’ve always thought the best way to learn is to force yourself to organize or refine technical information into a different form. That’s what I strive to do. I love consolidating my learnings for myself and the rest of the community. It forces me to verify what I know and find holes in my knowledge.

For those that are just starting into the world of DevOps or are interested in learning about some newer technologies, this technical blog should provide resources that are easy to digest. The guides are written in a linear step by step format and the cheat sheets logically group commands based on their functionality.

With Swiss Army DevOps being a fairly new blog I’m always on the lookout for new content and to improve existing content. Feel free to comment on the articles if you run into any issues following them. Send me an email (swissarmydevops ‘at’ gmail.com) with content suggests or just throw them onto existing posts.

I would also really appreciate you sharing content published on Swiss Army Devops. Whether that’s Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, Slack, etc those shares help this blog grow and other’s learn faster. I would also encourage you to bookmark and/or add to your teams documentation any pages that your future self would find valuable.